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DIY Funko Nutcrackers created by Sixella MK

Name: Sixella MK

Alias/Nicknames- Lexie, FastcriticMK

Hobbies: Collecting Pops, making YouTube vids, Singing, Acting, Dancing, Reading, Art.    

Interests: Wants to become an Actress or Funko Designer in the future.

Other: Travelling, Trying new things.

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Sixella in Anime Form

First Appearance : "Funkotastic Topics: S1, Ep.1" Last Appearance : "Funkotastic Topics: S3, Ep.1"

 Dislikes: Bullies, Objectification, Cole Slaw with Mayo, etc..

Favorite types of Funko Pops: Heroes and Villains, Disney, Star Wars, etc...

Role in the Funkotastics: Director and Creator, does unboxing videos, stop motion animation, Voice Actor.

Funkotastic Powers: Movie Time-Travel,Can conjure imagination and nightmares to life.

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Sixella MK with Foxy and Hootsie (right)

PicsArt 10-21-07.30.20

Sixella (Middle Left) with the rest of the Funkotastics Crew.