Name: Boss Gamer(Sami)

Alias/Nicknames- The Gaming Blaze, Sam.    

Hobbies: Collecting, video games, sparing.    

Interests: action video games, funko pops, going to the mall to buy funko pops or games.

Other- loves action movies like Dr. Strange

Dislikes: Ads of any kind, G-PG rated movies.     

Screenshot 2016-11-12-10-29-52-1

Sami as seen in "Funkotastic Topics, S3,Ep. 1"

First appearance: "Funkotastic Topics: S3, Ep. 1"

Last apperance: "Funkotastic Topics: S3, Ep. 1"

Favorite types of Funko Pops: heroes and villains, comic book characters/video game characters.

Role in the Funkotastics: anouncements , unboxing videos and describing a certain funko items value.

Funkotastics Powers:Telekinesis

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Sami in DIY Funko Pop Form

2016-11-10 15.43.47

Sami (bottom right corner) with the rest of the cast.