Nickname: Nman  

Hobbies: reading, surfing the net  

Interests: comedy and movies  

16 - 1 (11)

N in Funko Pop form.

PicsArt 10-21-07.30.20

N (Middle Right) with the rest of the Funkotastics Crew.

Dislikes: pickles and doing chores.

First Appearance :"Funkotastics Topics: S2, Ep. 1"

Last Appearance : "Funkotastics Topics: S3, Ep. 1"

Favorite types of Funko Pops : 80's Theme, MLP, Star Wars, DC and Marvel.

Role in Funkotastics: Second in Command, does pop showcasing and unboxing.

Funkotastics Powers: Conjuring Imagination to life. Makes things positive.

PDR 20160423 131659

N as a Funko Pop alongside Naboo the Cat.