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Hello Funko Fans! Welcome to the Funkotastic Topics Wiki! If you're looking for info on everything Funkotastic or Funko stuff in general, the Funkotastic Topics Wiki is the blog for you!😊

What's Funkotastics? Edit

2 years ago, Sixella MK created a Funko Pop community on Google + so that Funko Addicts like her could share their pop collection online and embrace their inner nerdiness. Thus, "Funkotastics" was born. In 2015, after the community took flight, Sixella went on to do a YouTube Web Series, "Funkotastic Topics", The cast includes Sixella MK, Foxy, Hootsie, Kayla R., Boss Gamer, N Long, Koda21 Phillip, and Flaming Dragon 360 . The series also featured stop motion appearances from Deadpool, the Chesire Cat and the former 2016 Presidential Candidates (voiced by Sixella MK).

This year will soon mark the first anniversary of the "Funkotastic Topics Series".To celebrate, we are now adding "Funkotastics" to Fandom! 😊 Get to know the cast through "Character Info", Check out the latest "Funkotastic Vids", or scroll through some of our sketches in our "Art Gallery". We hope you enjoy our blog and have a "Funkotastic" day. πŸ˜‰

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