Name: Dragon

Alias/Nicknames: Flaming Dragon 360, Flare

Hobbies: Hiking, Nature Walks, Jewelry Making

Interests: Watch YouTube Vids

Other: Listening to music, playing with cat.

Dislikes: Justin Bieber, Depressing Music, Dabbing.

First Appearance: "Funkotastic Topics: S1, Ep. 8"

Last Appearance: "Funkotastic Topics : S3, Ep.1"

PDR 20160124 170530

Dragon's debute in Season 1, Ep. 1

PDR 20160124 173551

Dragon (Left) and Sixella MK (Right) as Chibis

PicsArt 10-21-07.30.20

Dragon (Top Right Corner) with the rest of the Funkotastics Crew.

Favorite types of Funko Pops: MLP, German Shepherds.

Role in the Funkotastics: Voice Actor, Concept Artist, Concept Art Displayer.

Funkotastics Powers: Control Fire, Can befriend or turn into a dragon.